…and a little bit of news


I’m sure you’re dying to know what direction the Wobbly Goggly comic is going to be taking, right? No?

Well I’ll tell you anyway.

On sunday I visited the ‘Not-so-super-market’ at Start the Bus, and purchased a copy of Banal Pig 1-3 (utter genius, check it out !!!), and whilst there I had a chin wag with Steve who makes Banal Pig, who offered me some advice on making Wobbly Goggy (thank you!). The result of being that whereas bef0re I was aiming to re-produce the original Wobbly Goggy 1 & 2, I have now decided to instead collect the best bits from both, plus some new material, into a bumper size new edition of Wobbly Goggy. This will hopefully take less time than re-doing the first two. Also mky motivation levels should be higher as I won’t just be going over what I have already done. With a bit of luck I might get this done in the next six months…stay tuned!

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