Office Twats

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Hello hello, I have hit a seam of inspiration, and so here is the start of a new series – ‘Office Twats’ – a guide on how to spot various types of nauseating people who work in offices. Now, I don’t actually work in an office myself, but  I see plenty of these people around on lunch breaks and that. First up is ‘The Big Cheese’. Take a look. See if he looks familiar. Have you seen him lording it around town trying to make out like he’s super powerful and is the mutt’s nuts because he earns tons of money? If not, here’s what he looks like (click to see the picture enlarged):

As I said, I don’t work in an office myself…but if you know of any horrible stereotypes of office workers you love to hate, e-mail me or leave a comment, and I may draw them (after I have finished the next two which I have sketched and need to draw more ‘properly’).


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