Office Twats #4

Cartoons, Office Twats

Here is the next Office Twat. I have named him ‘The Norman’ because…well, just because. This one’s slightly different…

There’s a thumbnail and you have to guess what type of person it will be by his face, and what attributes he might have. Then click on the thumbnail to see the whole picture and see if you got it right/you have seen the same sort of person or whatever.


Here he is:

So…. what manner of Office Twat do you think it is?


Did you get it right? Or have you no idea who he is or do you totally disagree? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Office Twats #4

  1. Surely you should have said:

    Oh yes, I am sure a good number of “them” do!!

    No, I’m not THAT bad, but hey, look at the eco-trousers, and I’m getting an iMac (not the iPad yet; waiting for subsequent versions)

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