Wobbly Goggy is back…

Wobbly Goggy

..well it will be soon I hope.

12 pages of lovely Wobbly Goggy goodness (16 if I can really push myself), with a new cover. It will include pictures drawn over the last year, and should  show the (I believe) marked improvement in my doodles. It will include new, unseen, cartoons, and a few oldies that appeared in the original comic. Although I’d rather not do this, the original was such a limited run that very few people got to see it anyway.

Here’ a glimpse of a character from the new edition:

Yes, it’s one of the Hipster Twats. Those guys will be making their first appearance on paper.

So look out in November for the all new Wobbly Goggy, everyones favourite comic of questionable humour.


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