Wobbly Goggy News


It’s all been a bit quiet on here recently…that’s because I have been fighting my printer, making it produce some copies of Wobbly Goggy, and then attempting to sell them and the last of the T-shirts at the Start the Bus jumble sale. This was a (very) moderate success. That is, I actually sold some stuff. But it was a beautifully sunny day and nobody was really around. I’m sure next time my wares will be flying off the shelves (well, the table).
In addition to this I have been making some sketches and bouncing some ideas around for new characters and a second version of Wobbly Goggy. I’ve been faffing too long, it’s time to get cracking on some new stuff, and improve the quality even more. So it might be quiet on here for a bit more time. Anyway, there’s  a picture of a new characted who will be appearing in the next WG comic.

I also need to say a HUGE thanks to Charlotte Cox for keeping me company at the jumble sale! She sold yummy cakes from the same table. If you get a chance to try her cakes, do so. They’re AWESOME!*

Here are some photos of my stall, and grinning:

*Yes Al, that’s a sort of vague wrestling reference, just for you!


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