THIS is England #1

Cartoons, Fat people, People Watching, THIS is England

Here we go with what may be the start of a series named ‘THIS is England’. Yes the capitals are deliberate, they’re (hopefully) to ensure that I don’t get into any sort of trouble over copyright things (no infringement is intended of course. Better make that clear), and so that people from abroad can see what common English people are like…


3 thoughts on “THIS is England #1

  1. Oh god this is good, haha! I was actually thinking about what I think English people are like. I guess Americans see snobs with cups of tea and speaking like the queen… when I imagine an overweight stereotypical ‘builder’ wearing a football shirt holding mug of tea, not doing work and complaining about immigrants/no jobs/weather.

    1. Why thank you! I am currently on holiday until August, but when I get back I’ll make sure I do some more for this series. Keep your eyes peeled!

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