Fistful of Pencils Round 5: Seabeasts

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This week’s theme in the Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale Drawing Competition between Wobbly Goggy, Ichi Nichi Drawings and Art’s Arts is


Wobbly Goggy’s effort is the

‘Berg Shark’
It is not, in fact, a shark, but a species unrelated to any other on earth. The top of its head protruding from Polar waters, the ‘Berg Shark’ drifts along, using its long whiskers to sense prey. It tends to follow currents, and its eyesight is poor at best. When prey is sensed, the ‘Berg Shark’ opens its huge maw and darts forward with one  flick of its might tail to swallow its prey. This now rare beast gorges itself on whales, seals, penguins and polar explorers.

This magnificent sea beast is now in great decline due to hunting. It swims between the poles, searching always for the coldest winter waters, and a great big sea monster with a pretend iceberg on its head is pretty easy to spot, hunt, and kill, around the equatorial waters between the North and South poles.


Ichi Nichi Drawings has submitted an absolutely fantastic rendering of the

‘Migratory Star’

As its name suggests, the migratory star’s complex life cycle means that it will travel extremely long distances as part of its spawning process. The tentacles pointing out of the top of its body are used to navigate back to the body of water from which it originated.

If placed inside a jar, they will still align themselves towards their home pools. It is simply a case of working out which of their arms is the dominant one, which will be the one that looks most like it yearns for home, and following it. Migratory stars are sold with labels that indicate where they came from, allowing travellers to choose whichever one coincides with their destination.

It is considered good practice to release the star once the journey is over.


Art’s Arts entry is the


When a walrus loves a narwhal very much this mysterious and majestic creature is brought into existence. Swimming in the icy Arctic sea it uses the auger on its head to crack ice blocking its path. It also packs a nasty headbutt when drunk!


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