Office Twats #6 –

Cartoons, Office Twats

This is the most loathsome of all the Office Twats, the guy from Sales.

Trendy clothes, the latest haircut, lots of cologne, flash car, and slimy as hell. He expects everyone to do what he says, and is proud of how much he can sell, whether they need it or not.

He can ‘sell ice to an Eskimo, sand to an Arab … he’s cocky, full of swagger, he’d sell his own grandmother to smash his targets. Basically he’s a disgusting, lying piece of shit. Even worse, he has the audacity to look down on everyone else around him, despite the fact that he has no soul, morals, or personality.

And the worst thing? Women love him, and society thinks he’s great because he makes a lot of money.

Sales guy – I hate you, you’re a fucking cunt, the world is a worse place for having you in it. Fuck off.

sales copy


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