Backpacker Twats # 1

Backpacker Twats, Cartoons

First in a new series, and well overdue, it’s ‘Backpacker Twats’, inspired my by extended holidays (‘travelling’) in South East Asia and South America. So these will be my takes on the stereotypical people you meet backpacking, with a typical ‘Wobbly Goggy I hate everyone’ type of spin on it.

First up, ‘The Hippy’.

There are loads of these around, dirty, smelly, unwashed, manky dreads, and always smoking weed. They think they’re better than everyone because their minds have been opened by  blah blah blah, you’ve stopped listening by this point. They also generally have far more money than it looks like, and can afford to be drop out layabouts because mummy and daddy are paying for it all. So if they look down on you for ‘only’ being away for a few months/weeks, tell them to fuck off.

hippy 001 copy


5 thoughts on “Backpacker Twats # 1

  1. Spot on. Especially that patchwork low slung bag. I felt sorry for two hitchikers who matched this description and picked them up, within seconds they’d stunk out the car 😐

  2. sorry bout that ive had a bad day i Love your site. It has prove to be most useful on a rainy day in the office.

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