Fistful of Pencils Round 7: Procedurally Generated Alien Nonsense

Cartoons, Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale

We’ve done something a bit different for this week’s Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale. Each of us visited and randomly generated a humanoid fantasy or sci-fi race. The background and names are our own invention.

So, here are the aliens of Wobbly Goggy, Ichi Nichi Drawings and Art’s Arts!

Wobbly Goggy presents:

The Ichthngtng of X’lch

The ‘Giant Compendium of all known races, slimes and bacteria of the entire galaxy known to be in existence at this present time, year *89967^66666/76′ (known as AD3492 on a tiny speck of a planet known to its ape-like inhabitants as Earth’) describes the Ichthngtng in this way:

‘The average member of this race has a build similar to that of humans and is a little shorter than humans on average. They have green skin and are completely hairless. They have antennae rather than ears, extensive ridges on their heads, and yellow bird-like eyes. They wear richly-decorated clothing that covers the essentials and ostentatious bracelets. They come from an extremely cold climate. They are generally religious and they are well-known for their philosophies.’

The Ichthngtng are well known as cool and level headed negotiators throughout the galaxy. The are held in such high regard that they have been chosen to lead the delegation of the Pan-Galactical Eternally Wise and Benevolent Council of Intelligent Races (and slimes and bacteria) on a mission to other galaxies, in the search for wisdom and to contact new races, for the benefit of the entire galaxy.

The Ichthngtng are also tasked with bringing enlightenment to the less developed planets, rocks and asteroids of our galaxy. They frequently leave seemingly mystical scrolls, markings and stone monuments on planets with a very low level of sophistication to help nudge the developing race slowly but surely towards intelligence and enlightenment. It is for this reason that this particular Ichthngtng  (who is named Ingyfk-fk-fkjhx X’dlwip) is carrying a scroll.

Being an exceptionally hardy race, the Ichthngtng have little need of clothes as we would know them, despite coming from an extremely cold climate. Their capes also help preserve body heat in ways we couldn’t possibly hope to understand for at least… oh, a thousand years or so.

alien copy

Art’s Arts presents:

The Shimonphikakaka of the planet Oranjeboom

The Shimonphikakaka of the planet Oranjeboom as described by Earth terminology – “The average member of this race has a slender build and is extremely short. They have olive complexions. They have tiger-like stripes on their arms and legs and large, green eyes. They wear richly-decorated clothing and very little jewel…ry. Their native habitat is a warm climate. Many of them place high importance on patriotism and their leaders are interested in learning about other peoples’ art.”
The Shimonphikakaka are a scholastic race, relying on intelligence and diplomacy due to their diminutive stature. Typically they are garbed in ornate yet light clothing due to the warm climate they are accustomed to. These garments often proudly display scenes depicting their home planet, of which they are incredibly proud. Their interest in the arts of other cultures has lead to recent reconnaissance missions to Earth, due to it’s vast and varying displays of artistry.


Ichi Nichi Drawings presents:

The K’theen

‘The average member of this race has a build similar to that of humans and is a little taller than humans on average. They have light complexions. They have long, pointed ears and small, red eyes. They wear highly technological suits and simple pendants. They come from a cold climate. They tend to be xenophobic and at large they are out for conquest.

Pollution had poisoned the skies, tearing a hole in the gases that had provided a protective layer above the K’theen homelands at their planet’s south pole. They resorted to retreating below in order to escape the deadly solar radiation.

They rebuilt their cities under the ice and waited and were forgotten.

The once peaceful K’theen grew resentful while they lingered. Their resentment twisting into a cult of hatred for the surface dwellers. Their advanced technologies were retooled for war, readying themselves for the day when they would once again burst forth onto land. They vowed to take the entire planet for themselves so that they would never again be forced into hiding.

After centuries, their probes brought back the data they were waiting for. It was time for the world to remember the K’theen.



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