Backpacker Twats #2

Backpacker Twats

Here’s the second of the Backpacker Twats.

She’s completely up her own arse, and believes she’s better than you. And everyone. Unless you’re a local, then you’re automatically great. She despises people who aren’t ‘real travellers’, doing ‘real travelling’ – which is to say anyone who doesn’t have the funds to disappear for years at a time without working, ie the vast majority of people.

Let’s be clear on one thing – going to experience part of another culture, or just to visit cool shit in a far off place IS worthwhile. If you go for a week, a month, a year, forever. it’s still valid and it’s still worth it (provided you don’t act like a cunt of course). Don’t take any notice of this sort if self superior twat, who thinks that unless everything you buy or own is ethically sourced and made by mountain goats or some nonsense. Don’t listen, don’t pay attention.

And bear this in mind: no matter how hard she tries to blend in, however many homestays she goes on, however many locally produced things she buys, she’ll NEVER be one of them and can never truly know what it’s like to live hand to mouth all her life. At the end of her jolly she’ll still crack out the credit card, fly home, and enjoy her life in the western world. What a cunt.

backpacker2 001 copy


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