Snooker cartoon


After a trip to my local snooker hall, I was inspired by the caricatures on the wall to draw my own, made up, snooker player. And so I present to you:

Frank ‘Ashy’ Ashworth – womaniser, boozer, and chain smoker.
A world champion and household name in the 1970s and 1980s,  he was the king of the smoke filled snooker halls of that era. Famous for the vast amount he could drink, ‘Ashy’ would still beat opponents whilst nonchalantly playing matches one-handed and thoroughly inebriated. He was particularly fond of saying, upon snookering an opponent, that he had given them ‘sweet FA’, those being of course his initials.
When the smoking ban was introduced to the UK ‘Ashy’, already an old man, gave up the will to live and promptly died. He left behind two sons, three daughters, an exhausnooker 001 copysted wife, and an unknown number of illegitimate children.


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