Wobbly Goggy at 30 – a self-portrait


My mother always used to tell me that when it comes to mocking people, you shouldn’t dish it out unless you can take it…
As you’ve probably noticed, plenty of my cartoons revolve around ripping the piss out of people, especially if they’re fat and/or scum. And in  the case of a recent cartoon a certain ex-friend.

To restore the cosmic and karmic balance or something, I present to you a self-portrait, of course taking the piss out of myself. There’s bound to be something here for everyone who’s ever been annoyed by me, and especially I hope for exes, ex-friends and people who I just generally grate on (everybody!). I’m sure I’ve missed tons of stuff out, but there’s only so much you can fit on an A4 page!


me 001 copy


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