Fistful of Pencils Round 8 : Pokemon Fusion

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It’s been  a couple of months, but Wobbly Goggy, Ichi Nichi Drawings and Art’s Arts are back with another round of the ‘Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale’. This time it’s randomly generated Pokemon fusion characters! I’ve never been into Pokemon or understood what it’s all about, so this was a challenge for me! Ichi Nichi and Art’s Arts however have outdone themselves once again! Absolutely fantastic pieces by the both of them!

Wobbly Goggy: Ponyta + Parasect = Ponysect

poke 001 copy

Generated here:

Ichi Nichi Drawings: Goldeen + Nidoran = Goldran


Generated here:

Art’s Arts: Jynx + Nidoqueen = Jynqueen


Generated here:


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