Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale Round 9 – Randomly Generated Fantasy Races

Cartoons, Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale

So, it’s been a long time coming, but we’re back with another round of the Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale! We’ve returned to the random race generator site from Round 7, this time we’ve gone for fantasy, rather than sci-fi.

Wobbly Goggy presents:

The G’dg’d’gd 

‘The average member of this race has a slender build and is quite tall. They have olive complexions and have brown hair. They have long, pointed ears, leopard-like spots on their faces, necks, and bodies, and small, blue eyes. They wear richly-decorated clothing that leaves very little to the imagination and finely crafted pendants. They come from an aquatic environment. Many of them place high importance on caution and they are well-known for their philosophies.’

The G’dg’d’gd live in the wilds on the outskirts of civilisation, in an area they refer to as ‘Dj’gn’ – a name which has never sufficiently been translated into the common tongue. They speak an odd, stuttering, guttural language, which humans find intensely difficult to comprehend or mimic. This makes communication with them very difficult, as the wetness of their environment has meant that they never learned reading or writing. Their philosophies are passed down through an oral tradition, and occasionally symbols related to them are inscribed on pieces of driftwood. These continue to baffle human explorers in the wilds of Dj’gn.

Equally unexplained are the meaning of the decorations which most G’dg’d’gd wear. Even differentiating between males and females is a virtually impossible task for outsiders, so the meaning cannot even be deduced from the sex, rank, or caste or the individual in question. When asked (for a few G’dg’d’gd understand a little common tongue), the usual response is a shrug (they at least have that in common with humans).

The isolation, of Dj’gn, the cautiousness of its folk, and the fact that they spend most of their time fishing, pondering, and discussing things incomprehensible to humans, means that the G’dg’d’gd will continue to mystify humans for years to come.

pencils 001 copy

Ichi Nichi Drawings presents:

The Quidoon

‘The average member of this race has a slender build and is quite short. They have skin covered in blue scales. They have leopard-like spots on their arms and legs, hornlike protrusions on their heads, and large, gray eyes. They wear drab clothing that covers most of their bodies and simple jewelry. They come from an extremely cold climate. They are often mystical and at large they are out for conquest.’

The Quidoon have a highly interdependent social order. The horn-like structures that project from the tops of their heads serve as a psychic relay system that attune them to each other, forming a hive mind across the entire species. They live monastic lifestyles, spending many hours of each day honing their spiritual, magical and martial skills. The mystical aethers that power many of their skills are in rich supply in the High Peaks of Undh where they live and their horns are sensitive to these energies, using them to syphon aether into their bodies.

Although each quidoon is an individual with their own personality, there also exists the overarching hive mind, which can be thought of as a subtle but powerful being in its own right. This collected intellect is arrogantly proud of the Quidoon way of life, believing itself and its philosophies to be massively superior. Missionaries are occasionally sent across the world from their monasteries but as they increase their distance from their community, their connection to the hive mind wanes and their zeal diminishes. None of the missionaries have ever returned.


Art’s Arts presents:

The Tzoan

‘The average member of this race has a build similar to that of humans and is a little taller than humans on average. They have olive complexions. They have distinctive markings on their faces, necks, and bodies and red eyes. They wear simple, modest clothing. They are well-adapted to an extremely cold climate. Many of them place high importance on caution and their leaders are interested in learning about other peoples’ music.’

This unfortunate race has had a turbulent past, punctuated by persecution and their exile from the lands of their origin. They once lived on fertile grounds, living well from the earth’s bounty. They were gifted with highly sensitive ears and this gave rise to their love of music, an almost religious experience to most Tzoan. Their festivals and celebrations were said to have been a dizzying experience of rich sights and sounds.

Then came the K’thaan.

This war loving race saw the Tzoan as weak and undeserving of the rich lands they inhabited. They took everything from them, wiping out city after city and chasing any survivors North, into the harsh and frozen lands beyond. While the Tzoan were not a warlike race, neither were they truly weak. They adapted to face these harsh conditions and thrive once again. They wear drab, modest clothing to blend in with their surroundings and let their thick hair grow long and matted before weaving it into warm cloaks to combat the icy climate. Cautious of further invasion their scouts are constantly patrolling their borders, utilising their sharp ears and newly developed looking glasses to warn of any roving warbands.



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