Geeky Minion


Completely unremarkable, the Geeky Minion makes up the numbers in any group of geeks (or nerds). Usually very weak and completely unathletic, with a variety of interesting skin conditions, and a hair colour which can best be described as…..well… ‘manky-not-quite-brown-not-quite-grey-not-quite-anything’, and is always extremely greasy.

He stands around mumbling incoherently or going off on completely irrelevant tangents. Rarely listened to by anyone, least of all the Geek Leader (it’s all about him after all), the Minion is nevertheless an essential part of any pack of geeks.

Watch out for him tripping over his incredibly big clown feet (with the laces always done up excessively tightly), due to tasks as difficult as ‘walking around someone in the street’, and ‘checking a bus timetable’.

Alas, for the Geeky Minion, he will remain forever a social outcast. Fortunately he’s far too deeply immersed in his hobbies and geeky activities to notice (or care).

minion 001 copy


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