Office Twats #7

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Here’s the latest of the Office Twats – ‘The Newbie’.

Young and clueless, he’ll sink or swim, ending up as loathsome as the rest, or as a depresses middle aged man who’s a lifer.


The Newbie



A note on ‘Office Twats’

Hopefully in this series you have seen something you recognise/hate/like/whatever. I now need to come clean, however, and confess that I have never had an office job. As with many of my cartoons, I have seen certain people who have inspired me to make up their back story. I DID work a few years back selling meal deals to office workers, and they are what inspired this series.
If you have any ideas for more, comment below, or send me an e-mail:


3 thoughts on “Office Twats #7

  1. The office Perv ( doesnt need a description really!)
    The oldest office worker ( has become so part of the furniture, noone notices he’s there),
    The office ‘career ladder climber’ ( who acts like he has a rod up his bum, nose in the air, wears fake designer clothes and creeps up to the boss). 🙂

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