Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale Round 10 – Musicians

Fistful of Pencils Battle Royale

Fistful of Pencils is back for another round! This time, we’ve deliberately gone for a very broad theme – Musicians. As you might expect, the results are fantastic and diverse!

Wobbly Goggy presents: 


Hailing from the planet Brakakakaxxx in the Jangaxwa System, Maxxxxxxxx Volume zooms around the galaxy pumping out the hottest hits this side of the Xantar Gap! Maxxxxxxxx’s NEBULO POD is equipped with the latest in technology, ensuring every planet he visits is treated to an audio-visual feast! Check him out on Tour NOW!

music 001 copy

Art’s Arts presents:


Being ripped from his own timeline by a wayward wormhole and deposited in the Bronx in the golden era of hip hop turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for this noble beast. Whilst out hunting for food one night he heard something that would change his life forever. A pulsing rhythm, powerful and strong, being manipulated by man and machine. That night, after devouring the devices owner, he vowed to dedicate his life to wheels of steel and become the best dino-DJ in the world. Many laughed at the sight of his tiny arms struggling with the vinyl but thanks to practice, perseverance and the constant threat of a murderous rampage in the face of any complaints, this beast now known as T-Reeks, is the king of the DJ world. 

T Reeks

Ichi Nichi Drawings presents:

Volo Kreethis Volo

Volo Kreethis Volo is a master of dissonance, obsessed with throwing together incompatible notes and savouring the discordant melodies produced. He picks out any particularly jarring noises he hears and samples them, filtered through his keyboard and amplified through the various speakers and pipes he has strapped about his body. At first listen the drones parping out of the organ pipes on his back, coupled with the squealing arpeggios he deftly hammers out on the keyboard, may seem like an entirely random cacophony, but every note is carefully placed to elicit as visceral a response as possible. Volo Kreethis concerts are always sold out well in advance, even though it’s well known that most of the audience will flee before the end of the first song. Sick bags are provided.

west oram


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