Slosh & Scribble 1


So I have discovered a new thing in Bristol, ‘Slosh and Scribble’. Essentially it’s a bunch of people going to a bar and drawing.
Whilst this may sound pretty mundane, it’s actually really awesome! It’s great to get out and meet new, (and perhaps somewhat) like-minded people, and just… to draw! Sometimes the motivation simply isn’t there, or the inspiration isn’t. Slosh and Scribble is helping me to be ‘really into drawing’ right now.

Anyone can go, and if you fancy drawing and drinking, and hanging out with cool people, check out Slosh and Scribble

You are free to draw whatever you want, but for the last couple of weeks, I have taken part in mini drawing challenges. The results were varied and awesome. Unfortunately I only have my own drawings, but perhaps in the future I will manage to get pics of other people’s too.

The first time was between three of us, and we had half an hour to draw something containing randomly determined words, in this case:

‘catfish’, ‘telephone’, and ‘wotsists’.
catfish 001

For the second week I went (Tuesday just gone), there were more of us, and we had a few challenges, but with shorter time-scales. Here are the three I did:

1: Random words: ‘Penguin’, ‘double-dutch’, ‘apple’

penguin 001

2: Random letters: make a word/words and draw something using:

anag 001

3: Made-up comedy horror film poster

poster 001

There were some absolutely genius ideas from the other people, including a ‘racy pan’, and  a few things to do with butts!


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