Shambala Visions


A couple of weeks ago I went to Shambala festival, which was a great deal of fun!

Being me, I took my sketchbook with me, and captured on paper a few of the interesting characters I saw. There were plenty of them about, here are the first three I remembered to draw:

The Wizard
Spotted at Chai Wallah’s with a beautiful young lady in tow (not pictured – I can’t draw beautiful people!). She seemed to be in his thrall, under his spell, or… something. He looked pleased either way!

wiz 002

Purple Man

He was small, rotund, all in purple. I had no idea what he was supposed to be, and I’m not sure he did either!

purp 001

The Shambling Wreck

I saw this guy just about everywhere I went – the camping areas, the stages, anywhere I got food….

He was stumbling around on his own, wearing a daft hat/god knows what cloth combo and looking vacantly. Whatever he was on – it was working.

gnn 001


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