Inktober 2015 – Part 1 – Days 1-10


Once again I am taking part in Inktober, and have been drawing something new every day.
Here are days 1-10, follow me in Instagram @wobbly_goggy to see the pictures as they are done each day.

Day One

It begins again!



Day Two


…and in colour…


heart 001 copy

Day Three



Day Four

Giraffe working in an office


Day Five

Emo flamingo


Day Six

The elephant in the room


Day Seven

A star riding in a toy car


Day Eight

Baby ducks


Day Nine

A friesian manatee with bubble pipe


Day Ten


This was done as part of a joint alien theme with my friend JWO at West-Oram Illustration

Represented here is Haq’wa-kon Wa, an Elightened Emissary of the J’quon-Ka – the messenger species of the galaxy. It is their role to seek out life on worlds in the galaxy, and determine if they are intelligent enough to join the inter-galactic community. Unfortunately Haq’wa-Kon Wa has recently visited Earth and found us wanting – ‘far too barbarous and bellicose to be allowed to leave [their] planet and mingle with other species’ he has declared. Perhaps after a few thousand more years, and a few hundred lessons in civilization, we will be permitted to join our galactic superiors.


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